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Immigration Solutions by Sumiksha Randhawa Ltd. (ISSR) is a Vancouver, BC based immigration consultancy founded by Sumiksha Randhawa.


Sumiksha attended Faculty of Law at the University of Delhi, India where she earned her LL.B. in 2015. After a fulfilling tenure as a Behavior Interventionist at ABA Learning Centre | Autism Services, Vancouver, Sumiksha enrolled at the University of British Columbia and successfully completed the UBC Certificate in Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures (CILPP) in 2020.


ISSR was born out of Sumiksha’s vision to provide highly professional, client-friendly and effective Canadian immigration services. Foreign workers, international students and others seeking to immigrate to Canada often face a complex set of legal, administrative and emotional challenges in their immigration journeys. She understands well the importance of having access to a responsible, well-informed, and compassionate guide to assist them. Sumiksha’s personal experience of immigrating to Canada and the setbacks and struggles of her own journey greatly inspired her to set up a consultancy where clients could receive proper guidance and the most viable solutions to all their immigration problems.


As an Immigration Consultant in an oversaturated market, Sumiksha’s aim is to provide her clients with immigration advice in an easy to understand manner and take a fresh step-by-step approach to address all their immigration related concerns. She firmly believes that transparency and communication are the key to a successful Client-Consultant relationship.



To know more, book a consultation with me using the below form. You can count on me to guide you through the complex world of Canadian visas, permits, and eligibility requirements for various immigration programs.


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