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Work Permits

Post Graduation Work Permit allows a foreign national to stay and work in Canada after he or she completes their education in a designated learning institution. This program allows the new graduates to work locally and becomes the first step to enter many PR programs including the Canadian Experience Class immigration stream.

The duration of a post-graduation work permit depends upon the length of the program or degree that the international student studied for.


Most work permits are issued depending on a valid job offer in Canada. Applications for work permits can be submitted abroad to Canadian Embassies or Consulates or online; or can be applied for upon arrival to Canada at a Canadian Port-of-Entry.

Nevertheless, not everybody needs a job offer to get a work permit in Canada. Open work permits are available to many persons including the partners of foreign students and workers, students and the partners of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents.


Book a consultation with us to know what kind of work permit you need and how to move forward with the application.

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