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Permanent Residence

The Canadian laws grant foreign nationals, who are not citizens of Canada, the right to live and work legally in the country without any time limit. Foreign nationals can apply for permanent residency with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under one of the several programs.

Business Immigration

Canada offers the most established and widely-used investment based immigration programs conferring permanent resident status. These business programs, which have become the most popular component of many PNPs, may include a required personal net worth, relevant business or management experience, and education along with the intention to start a business and employ Canadians or permanent residents within the province.

Business Meeting

Student Permits

Canada now has the fourth-largest international student population in the world and has welcomed more than 400,000 new international students in 2019, which is double the number of student permits since 2015.


If you intend to study in Canada for six months or more, you need to obtain a Study Permit.

Work Permits

Post Graduation Work Permit allows a foreign national to stay and work in Canada after he or she completes their education in a designated learning institution.


This program allows the new graduates to work locally and becomes the first step to enter many PR programs including the Canadian Experience Class immigration stream.


Family Sponsorship

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor certain family members for permanent residence under Family Class immigration.

They can sponsor Spouse/Common-Law Partner, dependent child, parents and grandparents depending on various eligibility criteria and federal/provincial requirements.

Give us a call and discuss with us the best viable option to bring your loved ones to Canada.

Family Sponsorship

Other Services

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